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Configaration Volume 1 -- by Configa

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UK based producer, making REAL hip-hop for REAL hip-hop headz. Promoting "hip-hop preservationism" the world over!

"Welcome to the realms of the Configaration... Configa on the beat, always bringing that heat!" 


Sit back, relax and take a ride through Configaration Volume 1. 

The latest release from UK super producer, Configa, #CV1

carries the listener on a sublime audio voyage through deep, rich, shifting soundscapes. 

From the hugely infectious, Latin-inspired ‘From the Soul’ and the haunting, tormented instrumental mix ‘Asylum”, to the passionate, soulful ‘U Make My Day’ and the sun-soaked reggae vibes of ‘Pop Off’, Configa delivers a non-stop roll of pure, audiophile gold that offers something for everyone. 
Intricately laced samples, booming percussion and intelligently layered beat structures merge with superb features from some of the most legendary voices in hip-hop including Chuck D, Craig G, Reks and the 'Godfather of Rap' Spoonie Gee, UK stalwarts Skriblah, Genesis Elijah and Si Phili, plus worldwide exclusives from the late, great Sean P and John Vietnam, amongst many others, make #CV1

a must-have album for fans of real hip-hop everywhere. Configaration Volume 1 is an epic addition to the boombap beatsmith’s storied career on the forefront of true-school hip-hop. 


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