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Sites views and viewers live .. how the site works

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This site works on live views located around the site ... .mp3 and .wav uploads only ... hiphop related media only.

You can drop all social media Post links urls here for video and play buttons etc.

Using facebook messenger ?  get the post links urls from your post options arrow ^ 

 [Image: pJch5dH.gif]

Your user control panel

(settings etc, yellow button at the top) has a note pad at the bottom to save post link urls for easy copy and paste here on with mobile (press and hold link text to copy and paste)

On the home page here

..... Who's on line in the past 15mins.

[Image: h6V2483.png]

On all members submissions page  Here

  ..... Who's online live now at the top, a * next to a name means member has chosen to not to be shown live, you can only see it because it's admin of this sites image as an example. 

[Image: rIJWbMZ.png]

On the artists (your) submissions here

 ..... Users browsing live at the top, and whole views/clicks to the submission. 

[Image: GOmDVFf.png]

Again in your submissions users by name who have clicked and read at the bottom.

[Image: auVRMwS.png]

On your profile page at the bottom ... members who have visited your profile

[Image: cvRIP4H.png]

Oldschool email messages.

[Image: 3KbO56p.png]

Don't forget to follow our twitter.

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